PONS Infused Olive Oil with White...
PONS Infused Olive Oil with White...

PONS Infused Olive Oil with White Truffle 250 MI.

Olive Oil made with Arbequina olives infused with White Truffle. Ideal for pasta, risotto, cream and salads.

Olive Oil made with late harvested arbequina olives that are macerated and infused with White Truffle. It is an oil of intense and volatile with complex aroma. The White Truffle collected from October to December and from Italian Piedmont has become one of the most select delicacies of the gastronomic scene. The high volatility of the Tuber white, is enjoyed most when it is at its extreme peak. For this reason, this oil is an excellent ingredient for risottos, pasta, cream and salad that allows you to enjoy this unique flavor throughout the year.
Intensity (1 to 5)
Arbequina olives and White Truffle Tuber Magnetum Pico.
Other Sizes & Packaging
100 Ml Glass Bottle.
Recommended Uses
Risotto, pasta, creams and salads.

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