Roc Nu 1.5 L Magnum 2014 in Gift Box
Roc Nu 1.5 L Magnum 2014 in Gift Box

Roc Nu 1.5 L Magnum 2014 in Gift Box

Organic Red Reserve Wine DO Costers del Segre. A base of Cabernet Sauvignon harmonized with Grenache and Tempranillo. Powerful and elegant wine, pure expression of the land from which it was born.

Long-aged organic red wine produced on our Estate of the Pobla de Cervoles in the south of Lleida. 9 Hectares of old dry vineyards cultivated at 680 meters of altitude that rest at the foot of the Sierra de la Llena. Powerful, with noticeable tannins, greasy and velvety, alive and fresh. Roc Nu has notes of ripe fruit, compotes, roasted and aniseed, an blend of aromas and flavors that accompany it long in the mouth. A great wine to accompany game meats, red meats, stews, cured Iberian charcuterie and cheeses.
Intensity (1 to 5)
Serving Temperature
18º C
Costers del Segre.
Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache and Tempranillo.
Certified Organic.
Other Sizes & Packaging
750 MI.
Recommended Uses
Game meats, red meats, stews, cured cheeses, Charcuterie Iberico.

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