PONS Reserva Arbequina Early Harvest...

PONS Reserva Arbequina Early Harvest 500 MI.

Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced with Arbequina Olives from our farm and mill of L'Albagés. A vibrant oil with maximum freshness, ideal to enjoy directly onto the Catalan favorite dish of tomato over bread.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced between November and January exclusively with Early Harvest Arbequina olives from century-old olive trees, planted on terraces of our estate of L'Albagés at 500 meters of altitude. An extra virgin olive oil made mainly with green olives that stands out for its fruitiness and vivacity. An oil with a peppery finishing touch ground cold in the stone mill of the Pons family on the farm. Its potency is ideal to be enjoyed at room temperature over the Catalan favorite dish of tomato over bread.
Intensity (1 to 5)
0,25% Max.
Other Sizes & Packaging
3L Tin.
Recommended Uses
At room temperature on toast and on our traditional “pa amb tomaquet” or bread with tomato.

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