Clos Pons Vermouth 750 Ml
Clos Pons Vermouth 750 Ml

Clos Pons Vermouth 750 Ml

Elegant and complex vermouth made with Red Garnacha aged in oak barrels. A vermouth naturally macerated with botanicals from the south of Lleida such as fennel, olive leaf, madroño tree leaf and many more, which give it all the character of our territory.

Red vermouth made on the basis of red Garnacha wine of Clos Pons. The recipe for this vermouth is made with botanicals and natural spices native to our territory. After a natural aging and maceration process, Clos Pons Vermouth has hints of wood and balsamic forest herbs. A ruby-colored Vermouth with citric touches, aromatic, elegant and with a fair balance between sweetness and bitterness. A vermouth made in the property with all the DNA of the south of Lleida and our Garnacha.
Intensity (1 to 5)
Serving Temperature
Recommended Uses
Appetizer, vermouth and any time you want to enjoy.
Wormwood, fennel, sage, rosemary, savory, verbena, olive leaf, saffron thread, madroño leaf and others.
Recomendación de servicio
Serve with ice and with an orange slice

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